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We have designed several products to complement our training materials and promote the sport of soaring.


NEW! Mach 0.1 Keypad for use with Condor



This keypad allows you to control almost all of the important “non-flying” functions of Condor. Using the keypad you can select your view mode (Cockpit, External, or Chase), control panning and zooming of your view, as well as pausing, displaying lift and task helpers, and have easy access to the all important “miracle” Q key.


Price: $28.00




Soaring Apparel


All Remaining Apparel Inventory

HURRY before they are all gone!


White screen printing, with the GLIDERBOOKS Academy logo on the front, and one of 4 different designs on the back. You choose the style, size, and color combination you want.



Available in 4 designs and 4 colors on:

  • T-shirts
  • Long Sleeve T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts &
  • Hoodies


Prices have been marked at 50% off

Price: $8.00 and up


(limited quantities available)


GLIDERBOOKS Academy logo on front left chest.

Choose from these designs for the back:


Choose from these colors:




Glider Pilot Logbook


These 60-page logbooks include the FAA rules regarding pilot logbooks and have room to record the specifics of 200 flights. The logbook includes pilot endorsement forms and SSA badge program requirements. A Personal Limits section helps you set your personal limitations and stick to them, helping to ensure your continued safety as a glider pilot.


Price: $12.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)



NEW! - Instructor's Guide


This handy 4.5" x 8.5" 100 page spiral-bound book contains a training syllabus consisting of 15 training sessions, as well as instructor actions for each lesson in the Flight Training Manual for Gliders.


Both new and experienced instructors can refer to this booklet to ensure that they sufficiently cover the flight training material. For each lesson, the instructor actions are provided, including a brief overview of the lesson, and the actions that the instructor should take while in the classroom, in the glider on the ground, and in flight. Additionally, notes giving suggestions and guidance in teaching the lesson are included for many of the lessons with room to make your own notes.



Price: $22.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)


Set of 8 Soaring Notecards


High-quality notecards and envelopes with breath-taking photos on the front and explanations and discussions of various soaring topics on the back of each card. 2 each of 4 designs.


Share your love of soaring on all your correspondence!


Price: $9.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)



Sectionals/Airspace for Glider Pilots - NEW! 2-sided reference card


This newly-redesigned reference card explains airspace entry, cloud clearance, and visibility requirements for glider pilots, and correlates them with the markings found on a Sectional.  The card is a useful tool when studying for your glider rating or a flight review.


Price: $2.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)



Glide Slope Ruler Template with Takeoff Checklists


A glide slope ruler is a simple device for determining how much altitude you need to cover a given distance. The ruler is constructed to include a safety factor, and accounts for headwinds from 0 to 20 knots.


This template can be used to create a customized glide slope ruler for your particular glider and desired safety factor. Instructions.


The reverse side of the ruler includes the takeoff checklist taught in the Flight Training Manual for Gliders, with extra room for writing in additional items specific to your glider.


Price: $2.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)



Conversion Ruler


This little ruler has all kinds of useful information on it. It can be used to measure distances on a sectional in nautical miles, statute miles, or kilometers. To assist in deciphering weather information, it can be used to convert between °F and °C, pressure and altitude, zulu to standard time, and to predict the probability and strength of thunderstorms based on the K-index and the lifted-index. It also includes a chart to help determine wind speed from the trace of a handheld GPS, and a graph to convert indicated airspeed to true airspeed based on altitude.


Price: $2.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)



Bumper Stickers


3" x 10" vinyl bumper sticker


5" x 5" vinyl bumper sticker


4" x 6" vinyl bumper sticker



Everyone can always use another cool soaring sticker on their car or glider trailer!


Price: $2.00



(discounts available for bulk orders)




Foam Model Glider and Tow Plane Set




Cut out and build your own glider and tow plane. Perfect models to use for instruction or decoration. Glider has a 16" wingspan.


Price: $8.00






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